What are the requirements for Continuing Education for Real Estate Professionals in VT?

  1. 40-hour pre-licensing course (education providers can be found onOPR’s online course search); 
  2. National exam (through PSI/AMPhttps://schedule.psiexams.com/); 
  3. State exam (administered through the online application process); and 
  4. Affiliation with a Vermont-licensed principal broker/office. 

Within 90 days of the issuance of your license, you must complete 8 hours of instruction addressing topics specified by the VT Real Estate Commission. NVRA’s New Agent Orientation plus the NAR Code of Ethics Course fulfills these hours and are free for NVRA members.  

Additional courses that fulfill these hours:  

The CE Shop Post-Licensing Course – 8 CE Hours  

McKissock Learning Post-Licensure Course – 8 CE Hours 

Real estate licenses must be renewed every 2 years in VT and requires completion of a set number of continuing education hours: 

  • Brokers must complete 24 total hours of CE. 
  • Salespersons must complete 16 total hours of CE.  
  • Please note: If you have not held a licensure for the full two-year cycle, you are not required to provide 16 credits for your first renewal. You ARE required to show proof of your 8 hour post licensure education (Code of Ethics and New Agent Orientation or CE post licensure package), and the 4 Hour Mandatory Course.

ALL VT licensees must take the following courses as part of their CE hours:
Vermont Mandatory Course – 4 Hours 

The current renewal deadlines are: 

  • Brokers: March 31, 2024 
  • Salespersons: May 31, 2024 

Additional Educational Requirements for REALTORS®: 

Where do I find CE classes to take?

NVRA and VAR provide various courses throughout the year both in-person and via Zoom. Your broker might bring in their own CE instructors, as well. For a full list of approved courses in VT, visit OPR’s Online Services and choose “Continuing Education” to search the database or download the list.

Online CE Providers:

While we hope you will participate in the courses provided at NVRA, there are opportunities to obtain CE credits online through these providers:

The CE Shop

McKissock Learning

How do I keep track of the continuing education courses I have completed? 

At the end of every CE course, you will receive a certificate of completion. All VT Licensees must keep track of their CE course completion certificates individually. Course providers are required to keep a list of attendees and CE certificates, but those can be hard to access when it comes time for renewal.  

NVRA does not retain certificates for courses for which we are not the credit provider. You can see the list of credit providers on the OPR website. We recommend saving all certificates to a specific folder on your computer/Google Drive/etc., or in a physical folder. 

For additional questions, please consult the General FAQ from the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR).