Dear NVRA member, 

Your annual dues bill for membership at NVRA, VAR, and NAR will be sent via email on October 1, 2023. The amount you see reflected on your bill will cover your membership with these 3 organizations from January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.  



NAR Dues 


NAR Image Campaign Assessment 


VAR Dues 


NVRA Dues 


Voluntary RPAC Contribution 




Description of late fees:  

If you do not make your dues payment by November 1, 2023, late fees will be incurred. There are no exceptions to these late fees.  

  1. November 2 through December 31 – VAR: $50, NVRA: $50
  2. January 1 forward: VAR – $50 reinstatement fee, NVRA: $50 reinstatement fee  

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership dues are payable by cash, check, or credit or debit card.  

  • Cash: If you pay by cash, please deliver in person to the NVRA office during normal business hours (9 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday). We recommend calling ahead to ensure someone is available to assist you.   
  • Check: Checks should be made out to NVRA and can be mailed to PO BOX 814, Williston, VT 05495 or delivered in person to the NVRA office during normal business hours.  
  • Card: All card payments can be made online via the NVRA Member Portal. If you have any issues with this system, please call the NVRA office during normal business hours.  


The NVRA Dues Year runs January – December, but invoices for the upcoming year are sent in October per due dates for VAR and NAR. New members who join during the year pay prorated amounts for local dues, state dues, and national dues to finish out that calendar year; the NAR image campaign assessment, application fee, and voluntary RPAC contribution are not prorated.

If you join NVRA after October 1, new members will pay for October-December of the year they join, and they will be invoiced for the following dues year concurrently. 

NVRA does not currently offer payment plans. The invoiced amount is due in full on November 1.  

Annual dues for REALTOR® membership are non-refundable.  

If your membership is dropped, you must reapply for membership when you wish to rejoin. New members are subject to a $100 application fee. You could be subject to additional fees from VAR as well.  

REALTOR® memberships are non-transferrable. If you elect to move associations, you will have to pay local dues as outlined by the new board.  

Most of your membership dues can be deducted as a business expense. The portion that is non-deductible related to lobbying expenses at the state and national levels will be listed at the bottom of your membership dues invoice. Save a copy of your invoice for your records if you intend to claim your dues on your taxes.  

RPAC stands for the REALTOR® Political Action Committee. A PAC is a legal means by which individuals with a shared common interest raise and spend money for political candidates. RPAC is not affiliated with a specific political party; rather, RPAC prioritizes REALTOR® Champions who have indicated or demonstrated their pro-business, pro-REALTOR® stances. These candidates are vetted by RPAC trustees at the state and national level and are frequently known as “REALTOR® Champions.” This funding is a crucial piece of the advocacy that NAR and VAR conducts on your behalf. Your investment in RPAC is an investment in the longevity of your business.  

NAR has funded consumer advertising efforts since 1998. In 2019, NAR launched the “That’s Who We R” campaign, which has won 42 advertising industry awards. This campaign aims to keep REALTORS® top of mind for consumers while demonstrating the unparalleled service and commitment that consumers receive from REALTORS®. This assessment funds content for television and radio ads, social media placements, and content partnerships. The assessment is not optional and cannot be waived. For more information about the That’s Who We R campaign, visit 

$906 is no small amount of money. Your membership is an investment in yourself and in the industry.  

In addition to usage of “REALTOR®” and the associated brand, your membership confers the following benefits: 

  • Average savings of $360 per year on MLS fees. 
  • Accessible networking opportunities to grow your network within the industry.  
  • Free CE throughout the year, both in person and via Zoom. 
  • Free monthly Lunch and Learns featuring relevant speakers and topics (NVRA Members Only!) 
  • Free identity verification app, FOREWARN™ (NVRA Members Only!) 
  • Free Headshot Day (NVRA Members Only!) 
  • Community Engagement through charitable giving opportunities. 
  • Dispute Resolution Process and Code of Ethics Enforcement  
  • Access to cutting-edge Market Statistics Dashboard from Domus Analytics (VAR Benefit)  
  • Access to Dotloop and Remine to help manage all your transaction paperwork (VAR Benefit)  
  • Library of top-notch resources to share with your clients through NAR 
  • Political advocacy at all three levels of government (NVRA, VAR, and NAR Benefit)  

See late fee information.

  • Hardship request