Professional Standards and Dispute Resolution for REALTORS®

Conflicts and complaints can arise throughout the real estate transaction, both between agents and between consumers and their agents.

Dispute resolution resources are a benefit of your REALTOR® membership. Because the Code of Ethics only applies to REALTORS®, and not all real estate licensees, the Association manages enforcement of the Code through a set of resolution processes. Associations also have resources meant to settle disputes regarding commission and other transaction details.

When an issue arises, be sure to speak with the real estate professional in question, or a principal broker in the firm before launching an official complaint process. Open, constructive discussion often resolves small questions or differences for further action. Many complaints do not expressly allege violations of the Code of Ethics or pertain to transactional, technical, and procedural questions, and thus cannot be routed through traditional REALTOR® Association Complaint Resolution processes.

REALTOR® Associations have four channels through which conflicts can be resolved. These methods are used to mitigate disputes between consumers and their REALTORS® as well as between REALTOR® members, and they are administered by the Association’s Grievance and Professional Standards Committees.