The American Property Owners Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created to protect and support property owners. We believe that ownership of property — homes, land and commercial real estate — is essential to strong communities.

Our mission is to educate property owners about federal issues, laws and policies; to advocate for owners’ rights and interests; and to mobilize, when necessary, to secure those rights and interests.

We are committed to timely outreach and strategic action that will cultivate and sustain property ownership in communities throughout the country.

What is is a site for homeowners who want smart solutions to enjoy, improve, and maintain their home; for buyers ready to find their happy place; and for sellers ready for their next chapter.

No matter where you are in your home ownership journey, HouseLogic is the place to dive deep into such topics as home improvements (building equity!), the best ways to save on home expenses, house-hunting insights, and tips for prepping your home to sell — fast.

Why do REALTORS® offer HouseLogic?

REALTORS®, members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, have been champions of home ownership rights and opportunities for more than a century. Helping you become a more informed, confident homeowner is important to the stability and value of the housing market — and your overall enjoyment of your home.