RPAC stands for the REALTOR® Political Action Committee. A PAC is a legal term that means individuals with a shared common interest raise and spend money for political candidates. RPAC is not affiliated with a specific political party; rather, RPAC prioritizes REALTOR® Champions who have indicated or demonstrated their pro-business, pro-REALTOR® stances. This funding is a crucial piece of the advocacy that NAR and VAR conduct on your behalf.

Candidates supported with RPAC funding are key to legislative success in Montpelier and in Washington, D.C. NVRA and VAR’s government affairs and public policy team works year-round to provide a voice on issues that will protect our industry, protect the dream of home ownership, and protect private property rights.

The REALTOR® Political Action Committee protects your business against harmful regulations and fees, advocates for property rights of your clients, and educates elected leaders on the importance of the real estate industry. Your contribution is a critical part of this work!

Make an investment in your industry today!

Please note: monies used to elect candidates are funded by voluntary member-investments, and never by member dues.