The REALTOR® of the Year demonstrates high principles of integrity, adherence to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and furtherance of the principles of good real estate practice among brokers, agents and the general public. The individual is involved in NVBR and civic activities volunteering on REALTOR® committees, boards and in their communities. Click here for all REALTOR® of the Year recipients.

The Rookie of the Year award recognizes the achievements and professionalism of a REALTOR® who has been involved in real estate sales for less than two years. The eligible “Rookies” are those newcomers to the profession, whose enthusiasm, achievement, and professionalism show strong indications for success in the field, as well as promise for leadership in the organization.

The Affiliate of the Year Award recognizes an individual who gives generously to the Association. Support comes in many ways, including volunteering on committees, sponsoring events and/or conducting education sessions for REALTORS®.

The Good Neighbor Award compliments the NAR and VAR Good Neighbor Award programs and highlights REALTORS® whose extraordinary commitment to volunteer work has helped make their community a better place to live. The winner of this award is submitted to NAR and VAR for consideration on the state and national level. The award shines a spotlight on the important work that REALTORS® all over the country do to help others.

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an NVRA Member who has gone above and beyond to insure that the real estate industry and REALTOR® Associations continue to thrive. The individual devotes endless hours of their personal time as a volunteer on a local, state and national leve

REALTOR® of the Year : Karen Bresnahan

Good Neighbor Award: Dianna Benoit Kittell

Affiliate of the Year: Nick Parent

Rookie of the Year: Nicole Broderick

Distinguished Service Award: Rich Gardner

REALTOR® of the Year : Shannon Marcelino

Good Neighbor Award: Jill Vespa

Affiliate of the Year: Justin Mead

Rookie of the Year: Jolene Greene

Distinguished Service Award: Annemarie Daniels

REALTOR® of the Year : Carolyn Weaver

Good Neighbor Award: Dana Valentine

Rookie of the Year: Marie Shepherd

Distinguished Service Award: Carol Audette

REALTOR® of the Year : Alison Barges

Good Neighbor Award: Geri Barrows 

Affiliate of the Year: Jay Vallaires

Rookies of the Year: George Black, John Black

REALTOR® of the Year : Mark Montross

Good Neighbor Award: Tracie Carlos

Affiliate of the Year: Lisa Campion

Rookie of the Year: Krista Lacroix

Distinguished Service Award: Kathie Desautels


REALTOR® of the Year : Robbi Handy Holmes

Good Neighbor Award: Jessica Peck

Affiliate of the Year: Lisa Gale

Rookie of the Year: Julie Danaher

Distinguished Service Award: David Gray

REALTOR® of the Year : Jill Vespa

Good Neighbor Award: Suzanne Johnson

Affiliate of the Year: HomeBridge Financial Services

Rookie of the Year: Peter Goldsmith

Distinguished Service Award: Bill Desautels

REALTOR® of the Year : Barbara Trousdale

Good Neighbor Award: Brian Boardman

Affiliate of the Year: Prime Lending

Rookies of the Year: Diana Benoit, Bobbe Maynes, Blaire Knowles, Elise Polli, Thomas Senning

Distinguished Service Award: Maretta Hostetler

REALTOR® of the Year : Chad Jacobson

Good Neighbor Award: John Abry

Affiliate of the Year: New England Federal Credit Union

Rookie of the Year: Shawn Cheney

Distinguished Service Award: Leslee MacKenzie

REALTOR® of the Year : Kristine Stell

Good Neighbor Award: Carol Hinson

Affiliate of the Year: Nick Parent

Rookie of the Year: Jay McCormack

Distinguished Service Award: David Raphael

REALTOR® of the Year : Nancy Jenkins

Good Neighbor Award: Sandy Wynne

Affiliate of the Year: North Country Federal Credit Union

Rookie of the Year: Jonathan Templeton

Distinguished Service Award: Charlotte Gardner

REALTOR® of the Year : Kathie Desautels

Good Neighbor Award: Jan Battaline

Rookie of the Year: Cindy Volk

Distinguished Service Award: Carol Hinkel

REALTOR® of the Year : Annemarie Daniels

Good Neighbor Award: Rich Gardner

Affiliate of the Year: Marilyn Morin Roberts

Rookie of the Year: Nate Malley

Distinguished Service Award: Nancy Jenkins

REALTOR® of the Year : David Raphael

Good Neighbor Award: Louise Merriam

Affiliate of the Year: Dody Fraher-Ruland

Rookie of the Year: Stella Abraham

Distinguished Service Award: Celine Teeson

REALTOR® of the Year : Bill Desautels

Good Neighbor Award: Michele Lewis

Affiliate of the Year: Kelly DeForge

Rookie of the Year: Adam Hergenrother

Distinguished Service Award: Evelyn Biddle

REALTOR® of the Year : Leslee MacKenzie

Good Neighbor Award: James Cross

Affiliate of the Year: Fred Peet

Rookie of the Year: Margaret Handler

Distinguished Service Award: Sonja Stevens

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REALTOR® of the Year : Andy Cochran

Rookie of the Year: Regina Paquette

REALTOR® of the Year : Brad Chenette

REALTOR® of the Year : David Gray

REALTOR® of the Year : Jim Cross

1964 Harold B. Benson**

1965 Guy W. Nichols

1966 Brandreth Symonds

1967 Peter L. Jacob

1968 Charles Barber

1969 Floyd J. Moorby

1970 John Ready**

1971 Claude W. Perry, Sr. **

1972 Peter L. Jacob

1973 Robert C. Morse

1974 Nancy E. Lang

1975 Roger E. Curtis

1976 Gordon A. Riddell

1977 Thomas G. Weaver *

1978 Richard A. Myette**

1979 Frederic M. Cameron**

1980 James F. McMullen, Jr.**

1981 – David Desautels

1982 Roselyn St. Louis*

1983 John A. Russell*

1984 Chauncey E. Burns

1985 Evelyn J. Biddle*

1986 Janet C. Dunn

1987 Calvin J. Ploof, Jr. *(**)

1988 William D. Dalton

1989 Jayne S. Abbot t*(**)

1990 Elizabeth M. Merrill

1991 Mac Teeson*

1992 Dale E. Sweet

1993 Carol Hinkel

1994 Sarah Winslow-Patch

1995 James P. Murray

1996 Sonja K. Stevens

1997 Celine Teeson*

1998 Dennis (John) Bruce

1999 Marge Gaskins

2000 Carol Audette

2001 Sonja K. Stevens